In 2012, Janus Schou Jakobsen was working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Biotech and innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen, doing a time series study on liver regeneration. The project entailed examining a multitude of parameters with several replicates at eight time points, requiring the handling of hundreds of samples. Using the standard laboratory equipment, Janus experienced a high degree of repetitive movements and a work process that was slow and inefficient. Especially, a certain work flow step involving rotation of the biological samples for mixing was very labor intensive.

This should be possible to do in a better way, Janus thought, and thus, the idea to Rotapure Lab Instruments was born.

Janus teamed up with Steen, a toolmaker with 30 years of experience designing and making high quality and innovative laboratory equipment, devices, tools and instruments to the life science industry and academia. Together, they transformed Janus’s ideas and the challenges he had experienced in the lab to the very first prototype rotator with an effective batch tube handling rack system.

The new design and efficient rotator quickly got a lot of attention from the other researchers at BRIC, prompting Steen and Janus to establish a company with the goal to remove the inefficient work processes, increase productivity and improve work environment ergonomics for researchers and laboratory technicians around the world.


Janus Schou Jakobsen, Co-founder

Steen Nielsen, Co-founder

Peter Munkholm Nielsen, Co-founder